The Bo Fung Do youth martial arts Program, WOLVERINZ, takes its name based on the qualities of the wolverine, a small animal known for it’s strength, endurance and ability to defend itself.


The WOLVERINZ program combines functional self defense with functional fitness and conditioning. We use the equipment necessary to develop both self protection and fitness skills: heavy bags, focus mitts, striking shields and more.

Each class consists of the development of martial arts techniques, drills and strategy as well as fitness conditioning that not only improves martial arts, but will improve overall athletic ability that will carry over to ANY sport and life in general.

The WOLVERINZ program develops striking, kicking, groundfighting and grappling skills using elements of various Martial Arts. Like most arts, we track progress with a belt system, for which there are no extra costs for promotion. However, we do not practice katas (forms) or wear gis, as neither serves a functional purpose for the training we engage in.
Bullying Resolution and Anti-Abduction are a part of the program. Awareness is stressed over technique and verbal strategy is trained along with physical strategy. Bullying Resolution addresses the fact that the bully is the one with the problem and there are options to solving the problem before an incident gets physical. The Anti-Abduction lessons address the necessary awareness, knowledge of current “tricks” used and physical skills used to escape and/or attract attention. We don’t teach young children to square off and fight with an adult.

Children develop confidence when they realize they’re learning a skill they can use if necessary–-they can walk away from a fight because it’s the right thing to do, not out of fear— a skill that will serve them throughout their lives. This confidence is a result of consistent training that is fun, physically and mentally challenging.

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